Reach Mobile Shoppers Now

Why Mobile Matters

30 cents to the dollar spent will be through Mobile Devices.We say it again and again: Mobile Matters. The biggest shopping weekend of the year — Thanksgiving weekend – just proved it once again. The Custora E-Commerce Pulse summarized mobile’s growing share of the market over the shopping holiday weekend, and if that doesn’t prove it matters, than nothing will. (See highlights of the stats in the graphic.)Mobile Stats for Holiday Weekend

According to a Nielsen study, tablets are used for making purchases, research, and reviews. Smartphones, on the other hand, are preferred for comparison shopping, finding a store, and couponing. So a daily deal site like yours really needs to be mobile-ready to meet the needs of its couponing clients.

Read on to understand the mobile consumer, what’s needed, and how we can help.

Understand the Special Needs of Mobile

Using a mobile device to shop creates different needs for a customer. Consider the following:

  • Mobile shoppers are generally on the go — so they want information quickly and easily despite the small screen. Load times of longer than 3 seconds are unacceptable, according to this Conversion XL article.
  • Mobile devices are generally touchscreen — so the site links and buttons need to be designed for fingers and thumbs rather than mice and keyboards.
  • Mobile Shoppers are dealing with small screens — so they need a clean, uncrowded interface.
  • Mobile Shoppers are multi-channel shopping, creating a hybrid of resources between local brick & mortar shops, their computer at home and their portable device.

Essential: Site Design

Based on this information, you can guess that the design of a website for a mobile user has a different set of requirements for ease of use. Furthermore, a bad design is considered a deal breaker by 80% of customers who will abandon a site if they had a bad user experience (Limelight Networks, in., 2011). site design for mobile

What’s a Bad Experience?

  • Links and buttons that are too small and require zooming
  • Having to scroll left and right to find links, buttons or information
  • Having too many steps to take or screens to get through
  • Having to wait for content to load

How to Avoid This:

Call NimbleCommerce now to ask about:

  • Our mobile-optimized designs for your website, for both iPhone and Android.
  • Our SDKs for iPhone and Android mobile apps.
  • The option to have us build fully functioning mobile apps for your site.

Essential: Shopping Cart

You probably already know that despite the steady increase in mobile purchases, it’s still a small segment of the market. The main trend is that Mobile drives traffic because it is research friendly, but does not drive many purchases because it’s not purchase friendly… yet.

Research suggests that 37% of customers who research a product on their Smartphone later go on to purchase that product on their computer, rather than their phone.

What Does This Mean?

It means that a significant percentage of smartphone-wielding browsers need to be able to swing seamlessly from screen to screen in order to convert on their terms.

What Are We Doing About It

Next year, NimbleCommerce will add a shopping cart tool to its mobile optimized sites. This will enable users to add items to their shopping cart on a mobile device and complete the purchase on their computer. As you would expect with a shopping cart, customers will also be able to purchase multiple items at once.

Essential: Email

According to Litmus, 47% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. . However, average mobile device users spend only a few seconds reviewing their email. Our research suggests that mobile users make a gut reaction decision based on the ease of appearance: if they don’t like the design of the email, they will most likely delete it after just a few seconds.responsive email

How to Avoid This:

Call NimbleCommerce to ask about our responsive email design, offered upon request.

This design changes based on the device being used. Notice the difference in the two screenshots below: the mobile design is cleaner & simpler with large buttons that are perfect for fingers and thumbs.

Ways to Further Optimize Your Emails

  • Keep your subject line short: 50 characters max.
  • Use Larger Fonts (13px or greater).
  • Be Less Wordy – Use short, snappy content.
  • Prominent Buttons: Make it is easy for customers to do what you want them to do.

Essential: Location-Based Marketing

Location-based advertising allows businesses to reach relevant mobile audiences. Recent studies have shown that consumer attitudes to being tracked by marketing are now more favorable because it helps decrease the internet noise. This article by Sarah Suddes sited that location-based advertising performed twice as well as other forms of digital advertising.

What to Do Now:

Call NimbleCommerce and ask about our Geo-Location service. This system locates the closest deal to the customer within a pre-defined radius. It’ll satisfy  that local multi-channel need, common to most mobile shoppers, in a snap.

Merchant AppBe Mobile Ready for Merchants Too

After all, merchants are just like everyone else, using their mobile devices on a minute-by-minute basis to research, socialize and to do business. Let your merchants know what you can offer them for smooth business processes.

What to Do About It:

Tell your merchants about our free Merchant Redemption Mobile Application through iTunes (iOS) or the Google Play store (Android). 

Launched in the summer of 2013, this mobile application allows merchants to process customer vouchers using their Apple or Android mobile phone.

Save your merchants time, effort and the cost of expensive scanning devices.

All they do is scan the barcode on the voucher with their device and redemption and tracking happen automatically “behind the scenes.”

If you want to customize this application with your brand, call NimbleCommerce to get more information on our premium version of the Merchant Redemption App.


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Winning Over the Brick & Mortar Shopper

Brick and Mortar vs OnlineMeasuring the Slice of Pie

Despite the word on the street, many shoppers still prefer the traditional store to online shopping — or some combination. True: eCommerce is outpacing the growth rates of other forms of shopping (20% annually according to a Clustrix survey this year). But this impressive statistic measures how eCommerce is getting a bigger and bigger portion of the shopping pie year over year, not  the actual slice of pie.

Fact: According to the  US Census Bureau, this year  eCommerce accounted for just 6% of total sales for the third quarter.

Admit it, that’s a small piece of pie.

This  means that 94% of all sales in the US are being made in a store, in person, not online.

So, if you’re in the business of online shopping, it’s time to strategize.

Below, we examine those attitudes and preferences that keep shoppers in the store to come up with tactics to help you bring them to the online fold.*  So, go ahead, capture that 94%.

*All data pulled from  the Holiday Shopping Study, by  1010Data Inc.

Their Needs: They Aren’t Patient

watching the time

A whopping 93% just don’t like waiting for or worrying about shipping. 52% don’t like waiting and 41% want to avoid problems with shipping.

Your Work-Around: Make It Easy & Lightening Fast

expediting shipping 2

Expedited shipping options will combat that lack of patience. But go further and make your site easy to navigate with a clean streamlined checkout flow and a guest checkout option. These folks don’t like to wait — don’t make them.

  Their Taste: Inspiration and Holiday Atmosphere

38% of them enjoy the holiday atmosphere of brick & mortar shopping. 47% find that the act of shopping in a store gets their gift ideas flowing.

38% of them enjoy the holiday atmosphere of brick & mortar shopping. 47% find that the act of shopping in a store gets their gift ideas flowing.

Your Provision: Merchandising

Think of the screen as your storefront window and employ the art of merchandising. Checkout Pinterest posts to get ideas on how to create beautiful digital displays that inspire shoppers. In fact, use Pinterest.

Think of the screen as your storefront window and employ the art of merchandising. Checkout Pinterest posts to get ideas on how to create beautiful digital displays that inspire shoppers. In fact, use Pinterest.

 Their Motivation:
The Best Deal

best deal

41% are comparing in-store to online prices in search of the best deal.  The top Holiday Shopping strategy is to use both to get the best price possible (55%).

 Your Plan:
Go the Extra Mile

Provide price comparison on your site. With NimbleCommerce, you can implement this for each offer and show your customers what other sites and stores are offering for the same or similar deals. Make it easy for them.

Provide price comparison on your site. With NimbleCommerce, you can implement this for each offer and show your customers what other sites and stores are offering for the same or similar deals. Make it easy for them.

 Their Perception:
It’s a Social Outing 

friends shopping

32% like traditional shopping because it’s an outing they can enjoy with friends.

 Your Solution:
Leverage Social Media

We don't mean that you  use social media to simply promote your offers (although you ought to do that too). We want you to leverage the online community on your site. You can add reviews, sharing, surveys and discussion boards to your offers. It's a great way to bring the social aspect of shopping to your online store.

We don’t mean that you  use social media to simply promote your offers (although you ought to do that too). We want you to leverage the online community on your site. You can add reviews, sharing, surveys and discussion boards to your offers. It’s a great way to bring the social aspect of shopping to your online store.

The Best Part

One other thing the study uncovered was this: 33% of all shoppers surveyed wait for products to go on sale or only use coupons. This is your niche. Build on it all year long so your customers come to you when it’s time to find those deals. It may not be the biggest part of the pie (yet), but it’s the choicest piece!

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We’ve Built a Holiday Store for You!

Holiday Shop

Need a helping hand this holiday season? In the spirit of giving (and shopping) we’ve created a Holiday Store, fully stocked with the best of the NimbleNetwork!

Enjoy this effortless kick-start to the Most Lucrative Time of the Year! 

  • Turnkey Tab added like holiday magic to your website!
  • Stocked with over 40 hand-selected offers.
  • Earning YOU at least 15% commission per offer.

Three Steps to Holiday Success:

  1. Call us and ask for the Holiday Store.
  2. We’ll add a Holiday Store tab to your site.
  3. Take a seat and watch your customers start shopping!

We wish you success now and always!

The NimbleCommerce Team

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NimbleCommerce Welcomes 218 Publishers!


The month of October was one of celebration for NimbleCommerce. Not only did it witness amazing succes with the “Deal of the Year,” but it also saw the launching of  over 200 new offer sites.  These publishers are now part of our amazing Network. Please visit their sites and see what they are offering their local audiences today.

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Daily Deals CantonRep IndeOnline Times Reporter and Suburbanite deal me in Daily NewsCharleston Deals Today
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McDonald’s Creates the Deal of the Year!


Negotiating a partnership with a local merchant requires persistence, flexibility and the ability to provide just the right features at just the right time. To entice merchants, publishers sell the “free advertising” and publicity, the promise of some revenue growth, and the exposure to the publisher’s subscriber database as a treasure chest of potential new customers.

But how does a daily deal site go after a big brand that already has a loyal customer-base of their own coupled with the quintessential marketing and advertising presence that the rest of the business world only hopes to emulate? Like, say McDonald’s.

That’s why when our client, SweetDeal Denmark — the largest deal site in Denmark —  proposed to publish an offer for McDonald’s, NimbleCommerce was behind them 100% to do whatever it took to make that deal happen. For NimbleCommerce this was an opportunity to show that even established brands can benefit from partnering with a daily deal site.

New and Better McDonalds

SweetDeal and McDonald’s decided to create an offer for one of the less popular meals on the restaurant’s menu. They hoped the offer would encourage customers to come out of their comfort zone and try something new at their favorite fast food stop.

But McDonald’s still had legitimate concerns about the redemption process. With over 90 locations in the area, McDonald’s needed to easily identify the restaurants where the vouchers had been redeemed. And they needed SweetDeal to be able to properly pay each franchise accordingly.

Flexibility and Customization Wins the Day

Although NimbleCommerce had an existing solution that could run franchise deals from various locations, the breadth of this proposed offer wit McDonald’s challenged that system.  The NimbleCommerce Development Team began to improve existing APIs enabling them to pass additional information such as the IMEI number, phone number, IP-address etc. through the platform during coupon redemption.

The Team also worked hard to improve the reporting functions to add custom features. Part of this work also involved enhancing the merchant portal API and implementing the redemption location parameter from the redemption application.

Exceeding Expectations

After several test runs to see that the new functionality was up to par, McDonald’s finally gave the “go ahead” for SweetDeal to use the new API to redeem vouchers.

The offer  and the email campaign was launched on the 22nd of October. Within a couple of hours, nearly 6,000 vouchers were sold. By the time the deal closed, approximately 13,700 were sold.

This was a win-win for all involved. McDonald’s was able to successfully expose nearly 14,000 customers to an overlooked meal on their menu. Beyond traditional marketing and advertising, this eCommerce offer gave this meal  its time in the sun at last!

The built-in customer loyalty to a big brand like McDonald’s ensured SweetDeal’s success –new customers and revenue through the roof!

You Can Approach Big Brands Too

Running a promotion with a brand as large as McDonald’s can take time and effort, but the payoff can be very rewarding and will pave the way for more national advertisers to get involved in your deal program. The team at NimbleCommerce enjoys a good challenge and would be excited to help you bring together an offer similar to this one with McDonald’s. We can help you plan and execute a blockbuster offer that will take your program to the next level.



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Your Guide to the 2014 Holiday Shopper

As an eCommerce specialist, you already know that November and December will drive more than 27 percent of the total annual online sales for U.S. retailers, and you’ve spent most of the year stratagizing to make the most of it. Now, you’re inundated with articles and blogs and headlines — all telling you about what shoppers want and expect,  but you can’t read them all.

That’s why  we’ve gone to the sources, gathered all the  information and summed up the pertinent facts for you.  Now,  you can get a Glimpse into the Mind of your Holiday Consumer!

The Gist of the Adobe Digital Index Forecast1

Digital Marketing Data-Miner Extraordinaire, the historically accurate Adobe Digital offers a lot of stats to celebrate. But don’t stop there. These insights can also help you prepare and we tell you just how!

Thanksgiving Shopping?

Record sales of $1.35 billion are expected on Thanksgiving Day, a 27 percent increase over last year.

Turkey? What Turkey? Consider offering your lowest prices on Thanksgiving Day — your customers are expecting it. Be sure to have customer support at the ready. Thanksgiving will see record sales of $1.35 billion (27% increase from last year).

Black Friday Online

Black Friday is predicted to be the fastest growing online sales day of the year at $2.48 billion, an increase of 28 percent.

A Warm Welcome to Black Friday. Don’t overlook this brick & mortar shopping day. The shopping holiday tradition is not just for the malls anymore — it’s predicted to be the fastest growing online sales day of the year at $2.48 billion, an increase of 28% from last year.

Failsafe CyberMonday

Cyber Monday is Still Predicted to be the Online Champion with

Cyber Monday Still Holds the Gold. It is predicted to outpace Black Friday and Upstart Thanksgiving Day with $2.6 billion in sales — 15% increase from last year.  Business as usual, but more. Make it happen!

Mobile-Readiness is Key

30 cents to the dollar spent will be through Mobile Devices.Make Sure You’re Mobile-Ready. 30 cents to the dollar spent ($418m total) on Thanksgiving Day will be through Mobile Devices. The share of mobile-driven purchases decreases for the remainder of the holiday weekend, but mobile-driven revenue is still huge. Black Friday (26% or $644m) and CyberMonday (20% or $520m).

Get the Social Buzz Going

Get Social. Post your offers on social media. 25% of US consumers consult social media before making a purchase and  40% find gift ideas there.

Get Social. Post your offers on social media. 25% of US consumers will consult social media before making a purchase and 40% will find gift ideas there. Get your offers out there so you can (literally) take the buzz to the bank.

Top Products to Offer

Top 4 Gifts for 2014 According to Buzz

If Your Offer Them, They Will Come. Offer the must-have products that customers want. According to the current buzz on social media, Adobe predicts the top 4 items sure to be on everyone’s gift list: Sony’s PlayStation 4, iPhone 6 and 6+, Fitbits, and (of course) Disney’s Frozen dolls.

Read the full article from VizWorld.

What You can Learn from Last Year

Enough predictions — let’s take a look at what history can tell you courtesy of Nextopia. We’ve simply excerpted key elements from their infographic about last year’s holiday shopping trends to create a roadmap for this year.

What They Purchased

What was Purchased.

Customer purchased mostly Electronics, which fits in perfectly with 3 of  Adobe’s Top 4 Wish-List items. If you are offering products, be sure the bulk of them belong to these top categories and watch them disappear “off the shelf”.

When They Shopped

When They Purchased.

Mid-Day was the time to shop. Be sure you have the support in place to manage the traffic and the flux of customer service requests. Don’t overlook the second busiest time: 7-9 a.m. and consider incentives to push more customers into that time slot to ease the burden on the remainder of the day.

Marketing That Worked

What Worked Last Year

Email campaigns and online promotions were the marketing channels of choice last year. However, don’t overlook crowd pleasers, like free shipping, which may be just what it takes to convert the most reticient of online shoppers and the most savvy from going elsewhere.

View the Full Infographic here.

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1 Adobe Digital Index publishes research on digital marketing and other topics of interest to senior marketing and e-commerce executives across industries. Research is based on the analysis of select, anonymous and aggregated data from over 5,000 major companies worldwide that use Adobe Marketing Cloud to obtain actionable data and analysis of activity on their websites. The 2014 Online Shopping Forecast’s margin of error is three percent with a 90 percent confidence level.

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3 Ingredients to Make Content King

content king recipe cropped
The oft repeated “Content is King” mantra reflects the boom we have seen in the industry this year. As traditional marketing tactics lose their effectiveness, content marketing increasingly becomes the tool of choice for marketers who want a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

With that said, you can’t just mix in a bunch of content and hope it works. There’s a recipe, if you will, that results in not just content, but Good Content — or Content King. We got the recipe for you right here!

How to Make Content King

3 Ingredients Modified

The Content King Recipe


  • Brand Authority
  • Equal Parts Education and Information
  • Engagement


  1. Create a high quality authority and mix it with the education and information until well blended.
  2. Gently fold in Engagement.
  3. Repeat and Repeat until you see results.  Don’t be afraid to tweak the proportions as needed.

Read on for ways to find the best of those ingredients – and implement them.

1. Build Brand Authority

Use content to build authority rather than to simply sell commodities.

Let Us Illustrate

is a famous music retailer in the United Kingdom. Almost obliviated by the reach and power of Amazon, the company’s recent content strategy has it poised for a comeback.
Last month, HMV reclaimed 2nd place in the British entertainment retail market.

HMV’s strategy has been to differentiate itself from other music & entertainment retailers as The Musical Expert. Their recently re-launched website, for example, features an editorial team that creates news and reviews on music. This content has taken center stage of the site, providing a basis of authority that a retailer like Amazon can’t equal. Audiences visit for the music content, not to shop… but they make purchases anyhow.

HMV Latest News

“It’s only a matter of time before we overtake Amazon,” said Paul McGowan of Hilco (a company specializing in corporate turnarounds). “HMV is re-engaging with music shoppers and getting them back into shops. This is about being an authority in music, not selling music as a commodity.”

That’s how content creates authority.

Learn More:

References Read more about their strategic success here.
hmv Visit their site and take a lesson in Authority.

2. Engage in Every Way Possible

Your content must be geared toward engagement. Its success must be measured by the level of engagement it creates.

Let Us Illustrate

Nasty Gal  is one of this year’s greatest Internet success stories, selling over $100 million worth of women’s clothing and accessories. Eschewing traditional marketing techniques, Nasty Gal uses content such as video, music and blogs to engage their customers in real conversations—albeit digital.

Their tone? Like your most trusted shopping companion. Staff actively post makeup tips and holiday photos. Customers are encouraged to comment and offer feedback on the site and through social media channels.  As a result, engagement with their customers is at a level nearly unheard of for such a large retailer.

nasty gal blog

Words of wisdom from their creative director Joanna Ewing: “Stay in tune with your audience — remember, it is they who dictate your success.”

Learn More:

References Read more about their ground breaking success here.
nasty gal Visit their blog and take a lesson in Engagement.

3. Educate Inform Entertain

Find unique ways to educate your audience to give them the confidence they need to use your product or service.

Let Us Illustrate

City Index  is one of the leading providers of spread betting, CFDs and forex trading in the UK. Many people are understandably intimidated by the kind of trading offered by City Index because they don’t think they have the required expertise.

Solution? Education, of course.

City Index created an online “Trading Academy” to educate potential customers about the ease of setting up and running a trading account. This isn’t just your standard education blog. It’s a form of entertainment. Similar to television series ‘The Apprentice’, City Index takes 8 aspiring city traders and their mentors and pits them against each to see who can out-trade the others. The prize is £100,000.

City index Academy

The message of this entertaining and educational series: “no matter what your background, with the right tools and support, anyone can learn to trade the markets.”

Case in point, the winner of the first series was a Black Cab driver trainee.

The campaign successfully inspired others to have a go at trading – customer acquisition increased by 40% in the wake of the campaign.

Learn More:

References Read more about their campaign’s success here.
city index Visit their Academy and take a lesson in Education.

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GolfNow Offers Products to Diversify Audience

golf cropped

GolfNow’s DealCaddy had been offering savings on golf courses around the world for years. To test the product market, they started by offering one product per week, available only through emails to their subscribers.

Let Them Have Product!

let them eat cakeWhen customers demanded more products, GolfNow heeded their cries (unlike certain royalty in history). They worked with their NimbleCommerce account manager to add a Pro Shop to their offer site where customers could find great savings on golf products, not just golf courses.

With the Pro Shop tab, GolfNow could offer more products, more often, for longer amounts of time.

The Shop launched without a hitch in Fall of 2013. Used in conjunction with promo codes credited to VIP GolfNow customers, the Pro Shop became a quick success. Not only did it provide added value to loyal customers, but it also brought in a whole new type of client – the kind mainly interested in products, not just tee times.

Measured Success

success in numbers

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All About Nimble's eShops
All About Nimble’s eShops

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Big Data and How to Use It for Local Commerce

what-is-big-data One of the most overlooked tools of local commerce success is Big Data and how to use it to improve sales and customer satisfaction. For most of us though, Big Data is a well-known term that has very little real world meaning to us.

Do a google search and you’ll find tons of articles on the subject telling you it must not be overlooked, that it’s important, that you have to leverage it, but what does all this mean exactly? We’re here to tell you.

The term Big Data is derived from the idea of being able to analyze large sets of data in order to reveal trends, patterns, interactions and behavior. Essentially, Big Data is the key to accessing the Voice of Customers (VOC) without actually talking to them.

What Can it Reveal?

  • Issues with your merchandising strategy. If a large percentage of users skip over critical content areas of your site, you can rework your displays and watch for results.
  • Reasons behind a low conversion rate. Find out where conversion fails in the purchase process.  Is it at shipping, registration, or at some other point. If a large group dropped out when prompted to choose a shipping method, you can send a targeted promotion offering discounted shipping. If the pain point is registration, you can implement a guest checkout option.
  • Social sharing behaviors and patterns. Maybe your users share your offers on social media sites, but your conversion rate at Checkout is still low. You may consider implementing a better social login system that allows those users to sign in with their social accounts.

These examples are just some ways that Big Data can optimize your customer’s experience. Now that we have a few examples in action, here are a few key impact areas for using Big Data in general:

Identify Your High Value Customers

high value customerBig Data can help you target your most valuable customers by revealing key retention behaviors. Look for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary metrics (RFM).

  • Which customers are making frequent purchases?
  • Which are currently active?
  • Which ones make purchases that bring you the highest profit?

By analyzing the data, you can hone in on the group of customers most likely to be loyal to your brand and most likely to respond to your offers. HINT: Do not sacrifice one metric for another; instead, try to intertwine the three. This will reveal the high value, high retention customers who are most likely to refer you to their friends and family. These guys are worth your marketing efforts.

Study Your History

History holds the key to the future, especially where Big Data is concerned. By studying historical patterns you can discover how to optimize the future. Take this example from a 2010 study (old but relevant) conducted by Deloitte. history book “Through intensive customer data analysis, one retailer… learned that new customers who remained active beyond their first year were five times more likely than others to remain customers for multiple years. This retailer set off on a journey to identify the ‘first year’ behavior patterns of customers [from years prior] … so they could influence ‘first year’ customer behavior to increase the likelihood of long term retention. They found that certain product categories and mixes of categories within market baskets were highly linked to long term retention. Armed with these and other key findings, the client developed a set of predictive models that were applied to ‘first year’ customers… Customers found to be lagging in their interactions were treated with marketing strategies designed to stimulate retention-driving behaviors. Conversely, those with higher quality and levels of interaction were not offered marketing treatments or discounts. This strategy allowed the retailer to focus scarce marketing resources where they would count most.” Excerpted from Understanding customer retention in the retail industry (2010, Deloitte).

Collaborate the Data – Don’t Isolate

There are dozens of software programs and solutions that report some aspect of data that must be considered and reviewed by your team, whether this is related to customer service, marketing emails, analytics, or even inventory management. With Big Data platforms (often referred to as “Business Intelligence systems”), you can connect these departments and allow the system in real time to crunch through the data to better understand how each change and/or movement affects your business. For example, if you implement a new marketing email for a new local offer, you’ll be able to use these Business Intelligence tools to analyze the ripple effect across your customers and how those ripples affect other aspects of your company, beyond marketing and immediate profits.

Insert Voice of Customer

Don’t Rely Solely on Data. Data is a huge treasure trove of information, but don’t neglect the actual voice of customers. Keep communication open with customers and the people who are in contact with them and use this information in conjunction with the data or, in some cases, instead of it.

Enjoy Data-Based Decisions

One of the key aspects Big Data is that it allows you to make insightful data-based decisions removing the guess-work. It opens up previously unknown areas of business to reveal how users are trending over time. Sometimes the largest solutions to problems come down to simple human behavioral patterns that Big Data can make accessible to you. Improve your site by making informed decisions from here on out. Start with Big Data.

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Clustrix Reports on the State of Online Shopping

Clustrix’s survey of more than 500 respondents identifies key consumer trends.

Here’s the gist:

Celebrate This:


eCommerce is a $3 billion worldwide market with an annual growth rate of 20%. 
It’s projected that online sales and mail orders will increase at least 13.5% outpacing brick and mortar retail growth by 9%.

 Prepare for This:


One Click Buy

Consumers expect one-click results
and an easy-to-use website with a variety of product options.

Don’t Miss This:


Cyber Monday attracts almost 90% of those surveyed.
75% shop on this cyber holiday for sure and 14% sometimes.

Know These Online Habits:


Nearly 70% said they would either leave a meeting or shop online during a work meeting to get a limited-time offer.
40% shop online on a daily basis, and 30% on a weekly basis.

For more information about ClustrixDB, the e-commerce database, visit

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Solving an eCommerce Pain Point: Merchant Payments

accounting-and-auditing-for-ecommerceWhile local commerce sales and merchandising teams work hard to delight online shoppers with seamless technology and great local offers, there is a whole other side to the business. Behind the scenes processes from the business perspective aren’t discussed much – yet they are critical for to your eCommerce success.

Fact: Managing merchant payments can
suck up loads of time and resources.

Many of our publishers have anywhere from a few merchants to pay every month to a few hundred. Whatever the number, you can easily multiply that by two when taking into account that merchant payments typically run in two payment cycles per month.

Where It Hurts

Cutting those checks is just the beginning.

Consider these additional can’t-miss tasks:

  • Reconciling books in addition to your current accounting tasks.
  • Collecting tax information for the entire year for each merchant.
  • Filing 1099 forms for every payment made.
  • Tracking returns and refunds between parties.
  • As the middle man, maneuvering customer service with the end-user and service with your merchants.
  • Tracking uncashed checks and reissuing them as needed.

For many publishers, paying merchants is not a problem, but if it is a problem, you have a lot at risk.

What’s At Risk

Resources and Revenue

Managing payments requires man hours: at least one person and up to an entire team. Funding this can eat in to your bottom line, scraping away at your profits in ways that are difficult to track.
bad business

Merchant Relationships

When you fall behind or overlook accounting steps, you risk losing your hard earned relationships with your merchants. From the initial sales meeting to the time spent on marketing the final offer for your merchants, each successful offer takes quite a bit of resources to close and execute. The failure to issue timely payments, errors on a 1099 or the uncomfortable hassle of chasing down refunds is no way to strengthen merchant relations. In fact, any of those can send the merchant running for the exit.

Loss of Business

And without your merchants and their offers, you don’t stand much chance of success.


A Nimble Solution: Merchant Payout Service.
We do the work for you.

The concept was created when one of our top clients, Entercom, which runs GetMyPerks, asked for help. After extensive research into the pain points of managing the merchant payments, we created the service that now 35% of our publishers use. Here’s why they love it:

    1. Tap into Expertise: Enjoy the expertise of a highly trained team of professional accountants who have tried and true systems in place to run your payments without a hitch. They handle hundreds of payments a month without breaking a sweat.
    2. Dump the Details: All you need to do is provide the details and we’ll deal with the rest in a centralized system, easily accessed by our team and you too if you want to check in. We collect all tax relevant information upfront, so 1099 issuance is simplified and streamlined. The payment terms, schedules and commissions are set up on our platform, so payment calculation is automated and error-free.

pay your merchants

  • Forget Follow Up (most of it): We pay your merchants through automatic deposit to their checking or savings. Or, if they insist, by check (issued through Wells Fargo Bill Pay Services). We report to you on uncashed checks to help you keep your merchants paid and pleased.
  • Relax about Refunds/Returns: It’s awkward for all parties to chase down a merchant for a refund. Our unique payment schedule provides a cushion to account for refunds and returns. We issue only a percent of the full payment per deal and hold the remainder for 30 days to handle potential refunds. This way, you don’t have to chase down merchants to get your money back. If you get a late return that requires a refund, however, we’ll be the bad guys and get the money back for you so you kcan focus on keeping your merchants and  customers satisfied.

We continue to address the pain points not only of your customers, but also of you, our publishers. Let us know where you need help and we’ll find a solution.

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News From Nimble: Noteworthy Deal Site Strategies

Our clients continue to wow us and their customers with these great strategies. Check them out to get your creative juices flowing:

Get My Perks Proves that Contests Increase Engagement

Pick Your Trip

Why It Works

LOW COST – HIGH IMPACT: Get My Perks received thousands of new subscribers and registrars at the cost of just one trip, a cost covered in part by their merchants. The immense reach of this contest far outweighs any expense incurred.

NEW CUSTOMERS: Over and beyond the wealth of new subscribers and registrars, 430 of those who entered the contest also made their very first purchase. That’s an immediate revenue increase.

RETURN BUSINESS — Get My Perks also offered second place prizes: $100 in Perks Bucks, exclusive site credits, which promise to keep already engaged customers coming back.

Tuango Gets Creativewith a Custom Landing Page

The Tuango team designed a new and creative way to display different tiers of the same offer.




Why It Works

DE-CLUTTER THE DISPLAY – With all 4 offers “hiding behind” one, the Daily Deals Page didn’t appear clogged with multiple offers that look exactly the same. Four of the same offer right up front can feel akin to SPAM for browsers, s this design solved that problem.

ENHANCED DISCOVERY – We always talk about the “discovery process” of online shopping and this an example of just how it works. Levels of exposure, leading eventually to the treasure, allows your customers to feel the thrill of the hunt.

HIGHER ROI – One space sells four offers.

FlightNetwork Hot Deals Goes 100% Automated

Please welcome FlightNetwork Hot Deals to the NimbleCommerce Family!

flight network

Why It Works

PURE AUTOMATION – No manpower is needed to populate this offer site. The offers are channeled  from TravelZoo and automatically published on the site.

PURE EMAIL MARKETING – All marketing is from the one link added to their emails, which goes out to already engaged customers.

PURE REVENUE: With hardly a cost in time, effort or funds, Flight Network has successfully generated an instant stream of new revenue.

Thank You Team – It’s Great Watching All Our Clients Succeed!

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eCommerce Customer Support Trend Alert

customer service
Customer Service is moving more and more towards the self-service model. This year alone has seen a 12% rise in web-based self-service, an industry that grew from $600 million in 2011 to $1 billion in 2012.

Behind the Trend: The Internet Way.

What’s behind this trend? The internet itself. Why ask for help when you can “ask Google?” That’s the expectation of today’s tech-savvy and independent internet users. Imagine how much more this applies to online shoppers, who choose the impersonal, clerk-free way to shop.

The very nature of the internet is autonomous and self-reliant, so self-help fits right into that model.

 72% of customers try to find answers themselves.

75% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to use online support

45% of online shoppers abandon online purchases if they can’t find answers quickly.

Get the Skinny on Self-Service

Infographic via ZenDesk

How You Benefit

Happy Agents:

Self service alleviates your Customer Support Agents from the often repetitive basic questions. They will have more time and patience to handle issues that really do require an agent to resolve.

Happy Customers:

With answers at their fingertips, customers will naturally be happier. But when they do need to contact support, they’ll be in touch with representatives who are more readily available and more eager to help.

More Revenue:

It goes without saying that happier customers means more revenue for you, but just in case you need some hard numbers to support this concept:

Loyal customers are worth 10X their first purchase.
Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

You are 60-70% more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer.
Source: Marketing Metrics

Steps to Satisfactory Self-Service

1. Create a Quality FAQ

Think like your customer and create a Frequently Asked Questions page. Provide well-written and comprehensive answers.

2. Make It Easy

Have links to your FAQ everywhere: the header, the footer, somewhere during the checkout flow, just in case a question comes up for a customer as they are checking out.

Make Customer Support Contact info readily available too. Whether you use a phone number, live chat, or a contact form to submit, make sure your customers can find it wherever they are on your site.

3. Implement Auto-Respond

For common questions, create an auto-respond message for faster turn-around.

4. Track Requests

Be sure to track complaints so you can be aware of trends and patterns and make changes to your service/system. Customer complaints are really feedback that can help you make a better product/service.

5. Don’t Overlook Tech Support

Every good customer support service needs a tech support system to back it up.

You will only hear from 4% of your dissatisfied customers.
Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner

91% of them will never come back.
Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner

6. Think about Supplementing with Customer Support Services

NimbleCommerce has partnered with 24-7 In Touch, a customer support team ready to service the customers of our clients.

About 24-7 In Touch

  • Offer Support Worldwide
  • Clients such as Walmart, Netflix, PBS, Orbitz, 1-800 Flowers, Subway and Wendy’s
  • Email Support
  • Basic Email Response Templates Available
  • Custom Contact Us Page & Form
  • Hours M-F 9am-9pm EST

“Resolve a complaint in the customer’s favor and
they will do business with you again 70% of the time.” ~ Lee Resources

What You Can Count On:

  • 48 hour maximum response time: Currently, your customers submit questions via an online Contact form. They receive a response typically within 12 hours, but no more than 48 hours.
  • Tracking: Requests are automatically tracked to ensure resolution.
  • Knowledgeable: the team is well-trained by NimbleCommerce Account Managers with access to our internal knowledge base.

So, give your customers what they want before they leave your sight, or site: Self-Service Support.




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6 Best Practices for Writing that Killer Subject Line

By Adam Osbourne, Senior Account Manager & Kevin Wray, Senior Vice President, Global Sales

subject line image

Why Subject Lines Matter

It has everything to do with the flooded inbox. The average email user receives 65 emails per day according to Pingdom’s web-wide study last year. Your subject line for marketing emails, then, needs to be eye-catching enough to finesse a pause during the quick subject line scan that we all employ to get through the inbox deluge.

Increasing the challenge at hand is Gmail’s unsubscribe link. This link, placed right below the subject line, allows Gmail’s 425 million users to unsubscribe from your email without even opening it.

Bottom line: now, more than ever, email marketers need to get the subject line right.

After all, what is the point of creating a great campaign if nobody is going to see it?

#1 Keep it Short

Headlines, movie titles and book titles are memorable when they are short and snappy. The same rule applies to email subject lines. Keep it short.

A recent study by Mail Chimp took a look at over 200 million emails to analyze the relationship between subject lines and open rates. The first recommendation of the study? Keep the subject under 50 characters. With inboxes generally only showing the first 40-60 characters, a subject line cut short can be the deciding factor between opening and deleting your email.

#2 Catch the Mobile Wave

The view of the subject line is even smaller on a mobile device This fact is even more pertinent when coupled with this statistic reported by VB News: people read 65% of all their emails from their phone first.

So, take the mobile first design approach. This VB News article sums it up:

“Email open rates for commercial emails have surged since email-reading began shifting toward mobile devices. Thinking mobile-first for email, especially for brands, agencies, and marketers, is absolutely essential.” 

#3 Be Wary of SPAM Words

Did you know that 69% of email users mark emails as spam based on the subject line alone?

That’s after your email makes it through the automatic SPAM filter.

Email providers assign black marks to “spam words” in both the subject line and the body of email. While not all emails that use spam words will end up in the spam folder, it turns out that users are just as sensitive as the filters in place. Use the wrong words and you risk getting marked as SPAM from your own subscribers and registered users!

Avoid phrases such as

  • free
  • act now
  • open immediately
  • help
  • % off

Read the Mail Chimp Article that goes over these words in detail!

Frequent use of them will build black marks against your IP, harm its reputation and increase the chances of your email being delivered to the SPAM folder, either automatically or because of user-irritation.

Don’t risk it; choose your words carefully.

Other Ways to Beat SPAM Filters

  • Monitor your email provider’s list of spam words regularly.
  • Avoid using special characters such as #,^ or %. While good for Twitter and Instagram, they are not looked upon favorably by email providers.
  • Read our Break the GMAIL Barrier Series.
  • Use correct capitalization in subject lines and avoid ALL CAPS. Not only do SPAM filters dislike caps, but readers also find it offensive.

YES: £59 return ticket to Paris on Eurostar 



#4 Wordsmith It

The subject line is the window through which customers first see your content. Polish it up and make it an interesting view.

  • Convey a sense of urgency that encourages open and click-through without delay. If you have deadlines or expiration dates, use them.
  • Be precise about what’s inside.

YES: Enjoy holiday comfort food, wine and Yorkshire scenery £32 –  offer ends tonight.

NO: LAST CHANCE for Great Holiday Experience. BUY NOW!

  • Use wit and humor. A casual tone in your subject line helps you come across as engaging and personal. You can also use wit to build motivation and pique imagination.

COMMON:  Bed-and Breakfast in Cambridge for only £150 per night! 

 TRY: Get engaged, revive an affair, or escape from the law in Cambridge. £150.

Most e-commerce sites tend to use the “common” approach, but do consider adding a little mystery or humor, and more people will open the package to see what is inside. If you are unsure of how risqué or silly you can get, conduct A-B tests with a few hundred users before blasting it out to the entire database.

#5 Personalization

One of the easiest ways to get customers to open your email is to make your subject line relevant to them. Include the subscriber’s location and interests in the subject line if and when you have them. If you know your subscribers name, you can add a variable to your subject line to display this for an extra personal touch.

#6 Keep it Relevant to Content

Subject lines must absolutely relate to the content of the email. Do not employ bait and switch tactics with subject lines. Staying consistent and relevant is not only essential to brand integrity, but also is necessary to comply with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.

With 84% of 18-34 year olds using a preview pane in their inbox, you should ensure that the top half of the email (at least) relates to the content of the subject line. Follow this rule to avoid creating distrust in your subscribers in the long run and to avoid being quickly marked as SPAM in the short run.

What are  your Best Practices for subject lines!

Kevin has managed our sales, marketing and partnership relationships since joining NimbleCommerce in 2009. As the Senior Vice President and Director of Global Sales, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our team with over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and online monetization. When not working, Kevin can be found practicing his golf swing or on the ski slopes.

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ReferLocal Powers Up in the Network

When NimbleCommerce partnered with ReferLocal this July, we knew it would power up the NimbleNetwork for all our publishers. Less than 1 month after launch, ReferLocal did not disappoint. One outstanding offer hit the Network with resounding results. The offer is available now, so check it out!*
power up

Amazing Results

Sales: In just 8 days, the offer sold nearly 4,000 vouchers generating nearly $100,000 in sales!

Customer Engagement: nearly 3,000 customers pushed the “Buy Now” button in a little over a week.

Network Power: In 5 days, one reseller alone on the Network sold over $5,000 gross.

The Psychology of an Outstanding Offer

ReferLocal specializes in outstanding offers from local businesses. But what makes an offer outstanding? And why is this offer such a huge success?

casino offer

Here’s Why:

The offer starts with a buffet dinner for two and ends with a slot machine credit… but for would-be buyers, it’s more than just a great deal. Anything pre-packaged eases the stress points of the purchase process on three main fronts: the price, the simplicity, and the creativity.

  • Inclusive Price: This Harvard School of Business article suggests that one simple price leads purchasers to focus on the main benefit rather than the details. More than one benefit with only one price is a way to bank on this psychology.
  • Pre-Packaged Simplicity: Guesswork and planning can be stressful. This offer combines two experiences, dinner and gambling. Like the dinner and movie concept, the outing itself is planned. The newer a consumer is to a concept (whether it be a new destination or a new hobby) the more relief they find in the pre-packaging. This does not only apply to outings, but all sorts of products too. Think: craft kits and all-inclusive resorts. Remove the extra work and all one needs to do is push GO, or in this case, “buy now”.
  • Open-Ended Creativity: Sure it’s pre-packaged, but the beauty of this offer is it’s also an open-ended invitation to a fun-filled getaway. One evening, or a whole weekend? Let your customers choose. This kind of offer suits both the spontaneous and the planners acting simply as a starting point to endless possibilities.

If you have an outstanding offer, we don’t want you to miss your opportunity to place it on the Network to power up your sales. The Network works both ways, so start powering up!

*Available to purchase now and available for NimbleCommerce East Coast Publishers to publish. Call your Account Manager now!

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Merchandising for eCommerce

Color Themed MerchandisingWe’ve all walked into an outlet store where the array of products available is downright overwhelming. Rows of clearance items stacked on shelves, or disorderly clothes hung haphazardly on the racks creates mayhem in our minds.

The thrill of the search, although stimulating to some, can be a major deterrent to others, no matter how great the cost-savings. Which is why the discovery process has to be enjoyable… and good merchandising is the key.
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Get Ready for More Network Power!

Second-Street-LogoOn August 19th 2014, NimbleCommerce and SecondStreet created a powerful partnership that promises to increase the NimbleNetwork’s breadth and strength by bringing in over 300 successful and established re-sellers and suppliers.
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Harness the Power of Network eCommerce

revenue buildingThe most time consuming tasks of running an online store are reaching out to merchants, securing contracts, building offers and getting those offers to drive sales. With the power of the NimbleNetwork, you can eliminate those tasks and still pull in thousands of offers that are ready to go without the cost of an outside sales team.

The NimbleNetwork is a huge resource of offers made available to all Network members. It makes it easy to find the offers that fit your market segment, whether it is a specific city, category or even a specific holiday event.
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Update: eCommerce Launches and Partners

New Website Launches

A lot is happening at NimbleCommerce and we want to share it all with you! Check out these new site launches, designs and offerings and tell us what you think.

LivingDeal knows everyone likes a deal, especially when the deals mean you save on dining, salon visits, trips and more! LivingDeal brings all the best deals of the web right to your inbox.

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eCommerce Multi-Lingual Platform

case study header tuango case study side bar



tuango-logoOne of the largest offer sites in Canada, Tuango is based in bilingual Montreal. They wanted a bilingual website from just one simple platform, so NimbleCommerce leveraged their flexible Engineer and Development teams to provide just that… and more.

Home-Grown Platform Outgrown

Tuango had built their site in-house to accommodate their French- and English-speaking audience. As their business grew, their home-grown system became difficult to manage and maintain.

Was there a way for Tuango to “speak” both French and English to their audience without the hassle of constant behind-the-scenes translations?
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11 White Hat SEO Strategies For Each Page

hatWe already covered some SEO strategies to implement site-wide, so here are some of my best tips for attaining an ethical white hat SEO on a per page basis…..

Let’s get those pages working for you in 11 Steps!

 1. Head Section Order

Head section should be in the order of Title > Description > Keywords. The search engines use the information within the tags to display your site’s title and description in the correct order for people to see.

2. Title Tag

Keep your title tag between 6 and 12 words. Pack it with top keywords that are also conversational. Think in terms of “ask google.”

3. Description Tag

SERP cut-off in Google is about 160 characters long, including spaces. Ensure that the description is packed with the most important information and keywords that’ll draw people to click on your link for more.
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13 White Hat SEO Tips — Site-Wide

By Foluso Famoyin, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK
searchingWouldn’t you like your site to show up on the first page of a search? We are sure you already know that “all it takes” is some effective SEO.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process that makes your website or webpage more visible to search engines so that it shows up in “natural” or ”organic” search results.

And it really is as hard as it sounds.
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eCommerce Marketing Best Practices #5: SEO According to Google’s Hummingbird

By Adam Osbourne, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK

eCommerce marketing techniques continue to evolve at a rapid pace. How can you stay on top of the latest trends? In this series (look for eCommerce Marketing Best Practices) we will help you understand some of the emerging trends and the steps you can take to implement them with NimbleCommerce. We’ve covered content marketing, CRO, the newer better way to email-market, Mobile Matters… and finally, it’s time to cover search engine optimization ( which takes most of these other points into account).
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Break Through the GMAIL SPAM Barrier: Top 3 Deliverability Guidelines Plus ONE GREAT Strategy!

By Adam Osbourne, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK


Why Care About Gmail?

With 425 million active users worldwide, Gmail is the most widely used webmail tool in the world, according to thisEmail Marketing Reports article (here is a great summary of the report).And the user-base is only growing. Gmail is famous for its strict SPAM protection, which is generally great for users, unless they want to hear about your special offers.
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Update: eCommerce Launches and Partners

By Serena Cavanaugh, Technical Writer at NimbleCommerce

New Website Launches

A lot is happening at NimbleCommerce and we want to share it all with you! Check out these new site launches, designs and offerings and tell us what you think.

troopsaveTroopsave features great offers from top brands that are proud to support members of the United Kingdom Armed Forces and their families.
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eCommerce Marketing Best Practices #4: MOBILE MATTERS

By Adam Osbourne, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK
Pew Research

The Mobile Revolution: It’s Really Here. If you don’t believe it, read on… this is our fourth installment of the eCommerce Marketing Best Practices series and it’s all about keeping up with the “Mobile Curve.”

If you don’t think you have to, think again. Here’s why:

Over 50% of Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to John Hall of Influence & Company.
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Break Through the GMAIL SPAM Barrier: 5 Ways to Build Authentication

By Adam Osbourne, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK

Gmail logoWhy Care About Gmail?

With 425 million active users worldwide, Gmail is the most widely used webmail tool in the world, according to this Email Marketing Reports article (here is a great summary of the report). And the user-base is only growing. Gmail is famous for its strict SPAM protection, which is generally great for users, unless they want to hear about your special offers.

How do you get around the SPAM factor of Gmail? Our Gmail SPAM Barrier series has already covered  the importance of building and protecting your  IP reputation, and how to leverage GMAIL’s new categories.  Read on for the #3 Best Practice….
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The Most Efficient Way to Source Offers!

By Alice Lee, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce
inventory boxesWe all know that a successful offer generates more revenue, acquires more subscribers and further strengthens brand loyalty.  But that does not mean it’s easy to find a trustworthy merchant with a well-priced offer that is perfect for your area or your customer base.

What’s a Publisher to Do?

Many publishers pay firms to analyze Big Data as a way of measuring the potential of an offer and projecting  its popularity and success. But there are setbacks to this method:
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Break Through the Gmail SPAM Barrier with 3 GMAIL Category Best Practices

By Adam Osbourne, Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK

Gmail logoWhy Care About Gmail?

With 425 million active users worldwide, Gmail is the most widely used webmail tool in the world, according to this Email Marketing Reports article (here is a great summary of the report). And the user-base is only growing. Gmail is famous for its strict SPAM protection, which is generally great for users, unless they want to hear about your special offers.

How do you get around the SPAM factor of Gmail? You already learned about the importance of IP reputation and how to build it up. Look for our Gmail SPAM Barrier series to read the Top 5 and read on for the #2 Best Practice….
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Update: eCommerce Launches and Partners

By Serena Cavanaugh, Technical Writer at NimbleCommerce

New Website Launches

A lot is happening at NimbleCommerce and we want to share it all with you! Check out these new site launches, their designs and their offerings and tell us what you think.

club metro formatted logo

Launched by Metro US newspapers, Club Metro currently operates in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia offering great deals and coupons for events, travel, beauty, restaurants or retail. Metro US is published in more than 100 major cities across Europe, North & South America and Asia with a Metropolitan audience of more than 18 million daily readers.

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4 Steps to Discovering Your eShop Niche

By Serena Cavanaugh, Technical Writer, NimbleCommerce

So, now that you know about some of our eShop features, you’re thinking of building an eShop on your site….

But where do you start and how do you know which direction to take?

In just four steps, we’ll guide you through the brainstorming process necessary to find and implement your perfect eCommerce niche.

Here’s Why Brainstorming is Important:

  • Knowing what you envision at the start will make the entire process of building your eShop faster and smoother.
  • Get a “Big Picture” design so that later you know what options to utilize when you design your page templates and create your offers.
  • Take this opportunity to review your business and choose the best options for today and for your future growth.

Let’s Start Thinking…
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All About NimbleCommerce eShops

By Deji Damola, Lead Account Manager, NimbleCommerce, Europe

Imagine owning a shop with shelves that almost automatically fill with inventory? You wouldn’t need to hire a clerk to keep those shelves loaded or organized, the products simply appear and the customers simply purchase… and the revenue simply grows.

That’s the concept behind NimbleCommerce eShops, a cloud-based aggregate of top-of-the-line products that feed into your online shop from some of the best-known eCommerce suppliers in the industry.
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Break Through the Gmail SPAM Barrier with 4 IP Reputation Builders

By Adam Osbourne, Senior Account Manager at NimbleCommerce UK
Gmail logo

Why Care About Gmail?

With 425 million active users worldwide, Gmail is the most widely used webmail tool in the world, according to this Email Marketing Reports article (read a summary here). And the user-base is only growing. Gmail is famous for its strict SPAM protection, which is generally great for users, unless they want to hear about your special offers.

How do you get around the SPAM factor of Gmail? We’ll show you the top 5 ways to steer clear of the Gmail SPAM barrier — look for our Gmail SPAM Barrier series to read the Top Five and read on  for the #1 Best Practice….
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Case Study: NimbleNetwork Increases Revenue

By Kaily Weir, NimbleCommerce Senior Account Manager and
Dennis Sim, NimbleCommerce Technical Account Manager Slide1
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Your Offer-Sourcing Brainstorm – Top 10

SKU PicBy Serena Cavanaugh, NimbleCommerce Technical Writer, Courtesy of the NimbleCommerce Account Management Team

A challenging part of any e-Commerce operation is not only building your inventory, but also keeping it stocked. and we gave them less than one minute to do it.

No pressure, guys, right?

Here are their answers in no particular order:

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